What is the need?

Complex, interconnected problems require innovation and time.  Doing this relies on a supply of long-term revenues and investment which is matched to the risks.  The money currently on offer for voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises, is not perfect by design.  Our vision is a sustainable social investment market in the UK.  Our mission is to shape this market so that it can be part of nurturing the sustainable growth of ambitious social enterprises.  The opportunity is to match big money with the undiscovered big ideas society needs.


What is social investment?

Social investment is capital funds to fuel the growth of organisations trying to create positive social change.  It is the same as other investments because it is seeking a financial return.  It is different from other investments because it seeks a positive social impact alongside the financial return.  This difference offers investors the opportunity to finance social innovation.  This focus on outcomes, enables more flexibility, new focus and encourages creative partnerships to solve old problems in new ways.  Social investment only works if organisations can meet its demands for rigour.  Investors bring the same analytical scrutiny to the social as well as financial measurement and risk.  Social investors recognise that organisations working to achieve breakthroughs need long-term commitment.  Social innovators can innovate, adapt orbring in additional resources to make the changes that might be necessary to achieve the outcome - a tangible impact leading to systemic change.

Source: Social Finance


Which clients value our services?

•  Small ambitious social enterprises that are taking their social innovation to market and looking at social investment to grow.
•  Enterprising charities rethinking their approach and redesigning their business model.
•  Investors, commissioners and philanthropists looking to use their money and influence to fuel change.